The importance of Religion in worldbuilding 

The importance of Religion in worldbuilding  When it comes to worldbuilding, one of the most important parts of your society that you will need to define, is what does their religion look like? Is it a religion of peace that discourages any level of violence, no matter how small. Or is it a warriors religion that encourages violence and death? Is this religion only practiced by a single race, or is it embraced by all the races in your world? Today […]

Your Government in Action

Alright, now that we have covered how your government is set up, and what it’s role is in society. And the philosophy and theories for its role in corrections, we will take a look today at some of the more physical aspects. What sort of agency or agencies does it use to carry out and enforce its rules on society? What does your government in action look like?  How does an encounter with a law enforcement officer normally go?  Let’s start out […]

Government and corrections in your society

Alright. Well, now that we have taken a look at where your governments authority comes from and what style of government is used in your world, it is time to take a closer look at the justice system and some underlying principles of government. Today we are going to take a look at the role of government and corrections in your society. So, first, what is the role of your government?    Governments role in society  Government is a large part of […]

Monthly Blog Report May 2018

Monthly Blog Report May 2018 Welcome to my tenth monthly blog review. If you want to take a look back at my first income report you can do so here. Or my report from last month here. This is where I will go over exactly what went on with my blog in the past month, how much I spent, how much I made, how many new subscribers, etc. You might be rather surprised to see something like […]