Monthly Blog Report June 2018

Monthly Blog Report June 2018 Welcome to my eleventh monthly blog review. If you want to take a look back at my first income report you can do so here. Or my report from last month here. This is where I will go over exactly what went on with my blog in the past month, how much I spent, how much I made, how many new subscribers, etc. You might be rather surprised to see something like […]

The Importance of the Family Structure in Worldbuilding

Disclaimer: Some of the below links may be affiliate links, if you want more information on what that means you can view my full disclaimer here Alright (yes, I know,  I really need to come up with a new way to start my blog posts considering 4 out of the last 5 have started with the word “Alright”), well now that we have looked at some of the larger parts of society in world building, it is time […]