And then there were five…

A couple of busy weeks

So this past couple of weeks have been eventful for our family. We started off the week as normal, but Monday afternoon when my wife went in for an ultrasound to check on her and the baby we discovered that her fluid levels had dropped to an unacceptable level, and that the would need to admit her to the hospital overnight at least to try and pump some more fluids into her system and more closely monitor her and the baby. When Tuesday rolled around, her fluid levels had dropped even lower, so they wanted to continue pumping fluids and monitoring.

Well, on Wednesday morning when she was checked again, the fluid levels had dropped down to half of what they had been the previous day, so the decision was made to start inducing her to try and get the baby out as soon and as safely as possible. Before they could start the induction however, she needed a series of steroid shots to give baby a boost and help ensure that their lungs were fully developed as she was only about 36 weeks along.

Getting things going

Wednesday evening, after the steroid series was finished, we got to start the induction process. There was some progress overnight, but it wasn’t until Thursday afternoon that things really started progressing and labor kicked in for my wife. This was due to having to start out the induction process slowly since the baby was still so early and also they had some difficulties in monitoring the baby constantly as they were attempting to do. Thursday evening once the labor was really starting to go strong, my wife opted to have an epidural performed, which made labor much easier for me (and her as well).

We all actually managed to get an hour or two of sleep during her labor after the epidural was in. I will have to admit that it was  bit of bruise to my ego how my wife’s favorite person in the room was suddenly the anesthesiologist who gave her the epidural and I was chop liver, although to be fair, in all of her other labor and deliveries I don’t think I have ever been her favorite person at the time either.

Things pick up

Early Friday morning, the labor started to pick up even more and the epidural was no longer quite as effective. We knew that this was a sign that we were almost at the end of road and that we would soon be holding our sweet little baby girl. At about 3:15 the midwife that was attending our birth told my wife that it was time for her to start pushing and get the baby out. After an extremely long time of pushing, at 3:16 our little peanut shot out, taking all of about 10 seconds to go from being visible to being out! She had had enough time on the inside and wanted out asap!

The immediate aftermath

Since she was so early still we didn’t get to have much time with her right away as she was quite blue and not breathing great on her own yet, but the doctor and nurses whisked her off to the baby station on the other side of the room and sucked some fluid out of her lungs, gave her oxygen for a minute or two, and she came right around and started crying on her own and breathing normally. It was only about 10-15 minutes before we were able to hold her again although it certainly felt much longer than that.

The longer term aftermath

Even after all of this, our hospital stay was far from over. At about 5 that morning after another hour or so of sleep we moved from our labor and delivery room to our recovery room, where we would spend the next couple of days continuing to be monitored closely to make sure that the baby’s blood sugar levels were holding good (due to my wife’s gestational diabetes), she wasn’t to jaundiced (due to being a couple of weeks early still), and was just over all healthy and doing well (due to being a baby).

Once all was said and done, we were finally able to leave the hospital shortly after noon on Sunday after having been there since the previous Monday afternoon. It was certainly a long week, but we were all quite glad to be back home and reunited with our other children who had been staying with their grandparents while we were at the hospital.

So, with all of that being said, my apologies for not getting an article published last week. Oh, and I am proud to announce the addition of Cassidy Justine Granquist to our family, weighing in at 5 lbs 15 oz, and a whole 19 inches long!

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