ARK: Survival Evolved Journal day 5

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This is a continuation of my adventures in ARK, you can catch up on the previous adventures here; Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Day 5

Well the sun has risen once again dear readers and we are still alive. We start gathering supplies once again, in the hopes that we will be able to finish our new house today, putting on a second floor and a roof. While we leave two of our tribe mates working on the base I and one other head out to do some hunting by the eastern river. We manage to kill several dilos and a parasour, but then we spot a couple of raptors on the opposite river bank.

Taming a raptor

Feeling adventurous we decide to try and capture one to serve as one of our first mounts, or at least the first one that would move faster than our trikes, which although they are quite powerful they are also quite slow. We manage to bola one of the raptors, and knock him out. We begin taming him, but are quickly attacked by a second nearby raptor who has taken umbrage at our beating we administered to his cousin. After killing him dear readers we have no more than a moment of solitude before we are beset once again by a horde of insects. Thank fully they are no match for our spears and we are once again at peace on the river bank taming our first pet raptor.

While my tribe mate continues to monitor our raptor I set about making a saddle for him. Collecting all of the hides necessary for it takes awhile, but it will be worth it. Shortly after dark our raptor wakes up and realizes that we are his new masters. Although we are slightly nervous about traveling after dark, it is better than staying where we are, so we head back to our now completed base with our new raptor following behind us.

Unfortunately we are both carrying too much weight to be able to ride him right now.

 More tames…

Thankfully we make it back to our base without incident dear readers and are able to spend the rest of the night in our newly renovated house. Once the sun rises I head out to the nearby herbivore island with one of my tribe mates, with the intention of taming ourselves an ankylosaurus and gathering some metal and other building materials. We manage to find not just one, but two low levels anky’s close by to where we park our raft.

We are able to take both of them down without being smashed by their giant clubs of tails. While we are monitoring them we still manage to harvest a large amount of wood and stone, leaving the metal to gather after we have tamed our anky’s. After they are tamed we finish clearing the island and we head back to base, where we unload the recently gotten supplies and set to work with our new supplies making a smithy to smelt our metal ore into metal blocks that we can then use for other projects.

Meanwhile back at the home base…

We also craft a work bench to start working with some more advanced projects. Next we craft some large storage boxes and a book shelf to start storing our supplies in. We also put in several preserving bins to help preserve our meat and eggs that we are now collecting in earnest. The rest of our resources we invest in upgrading our walls around the base to help ensure that nothing can climb over them or go around them. After that we retire for the night to some of our newly constructed beds on the second floor. Before turning in for the night I finish updating my journal so that you my dear readers are not left in the dark.

Do you remember your first time taming a carnivore in ARK? something that would finally allow you to start doing some damage to the wild creatures around you? Share your stories in the comments below!

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