And then there were five…

A couple of busy weeks So this past couple of weeks have been eventful for our family. We started off the week as normal, but Monday afternoon when my wife went in for an ultrasound to check on her and the baby we discovered that her fluid levels had dropped to an unacceptable level, and that the would need to admit her to the hospital overnight at least to try and pump some more fluids […]

Life Update March 2018

Life update So rather than continue the series on world building that I started a few weeks ago, today I just wanted to give you a quick life update. Partially due to the fact that it has been quite a while now since I have done more of a personal post and also because I have been suffering from a stomach bug the past 48 hours when I would normally be doing my blog research […]

Motivation from a 3 year old

So whenever I start to doubt my commitment to my 5 year plan to be independent of a job and be self-employed, whether that is through this blog or another business venture, all I need to do is remember some of the “encouragement” that my beautiful little 3 year old has given me in the past. However she is constantly giving me even more motivation in one way or another. I will share one example […]

Heartbreak from a two(almost 3) year old

So my dear readers, this is one of those posts that is more about parenting then Telling Epic Stories or anything fun and exciting. So the other Friday, my wife calls me while I am at work to relay a message from my two year old daughter, that not only felt like a stab in the heart, but that she then twisted the knife, ripped my heart out, threw it on the ground, stomped on […]