Monthly Blog Report August 2017

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Monthly Blog Report

Welcome to the first of my monthly blog reviews. This is where I will go over exactly what went on with my blog in the past month, how much I spent, how much I made, how many new subscribers, etc. You might be rather surprised to see something like this on most blogs, but I have seen this done on a couple of other blogs (specifically and and am of the opinion dear readers that it is helpful not only for you, but for myself as well.

That is because it will eventually help give you my audience confidence that you too can start your blog to share your stories, and be successful at it, or even any other format that you choose to share your stories through. And it will also help hold me accountable as I will have a written record of how this business is going, and what has been working and what hasn’t. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the numbers for my first full month, August 2017. 


Income: $34.89 

Currently my only income source for this blog is affiliate marketing, so all of my income that has been generated so far is solely from affiliate marketing. And honestly, it has all come from only one of my multiple affiliate marketers, With that in mind, I didn’t bother making any fancy pie charts or anything to show you the breakout of where exactly all of my income came from, and unless I hear that you really want to see a giant single-color circle on next month’s report I probably won’t have one then either.

But here is the total income from Amazon last month: $34.89! While that may not seem like much right now, it is at least a start, and how many businesses do you know of that manage to turn any sort of profit in the first month? (well, not counting all of the hours that I put into it) 


Expenses: $11.88 

I have not spent any money on advertising as of yet, although it has been tempting to try and increase growth that way. But for now my only expense has been the cost of hosting the website, I have done all of my own work on it, and have only been using the free versions of any plugins that I require. Since I am hosting my site through 1 & 1 Web hosting, I was able to get the entire first year of hosting for the low price of $11.88 


Traffic and Subscribers:  1328 total site visits, 13 subscribers 

So far my email list has not seen any substantial growth, and is one of the areas that I am going to need to try and focus on in the coming months, as your list of subscribers is one of the best ways to measure the profitability of your blog (or at least so I have heard). With that being said though, I have managed to convince 18 of you to sign up anyway and even more impressive, 13 of you to stay signed up.

This is about a 1.36% conversion rate, which while not ideal, is not that far off of the average of 2-4% conversion rate for most sites. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the total number of visits to the site(which I will admit I am probably responsible for a large number of those hits with all of the work that I do on the site, but still surprised that I got over 1000 views in the first month!). 


Other news: 

We have also created a Facebook page for the site, along with a Pinterest account this past month. While currently it seems that our Facebook page is even more popular than the site itself with 41 followers compared to the 13 subscribers to the site. My most popular post on Facebook this past month has been Three types of Interactive Storytelling with 252 people reached, 11 likes, comments or shares, and 27 people clicking on the post.  

On Pinterest meanwhile, our growth has been much slower, with only one follower. My most popular post there however has been The history of storytelling in songswith 14 saves, 1 click through to the website, and 48 close up views. I think most of the popularity of this post is due to the image that I used though, as most of the boards that it has been saved to have little to do with the actual article itself. 


Looking ahead: 

For the next month I intend to continue my schedule of posting 2 new posts per week, and trying to increase traffic to my site through both Pinterest and Facebook. I may consider investing the money that I have earned so far into Facebook advertisements as well, although I am rather hesitant to put to much money into that at this point as I feel that while it may drive up traffic, it is not likely to actually result in any further income. But we will see! 


Any tips or ideas for someone just starting out on their blogging adventure? Have you started your own blog before? Or are you considering starting one in the future? Let me know in the comments below! 


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