Monthly Blog Report June 2018

Monthly Blog Report June 2018

Welcome to my eleventh monthly blog review. If you want to take a look back at my first income report you can do so here. Or my report from last month here. This is where I will go over exactly what went on with my blog in the past month, how much I spent, how much I made, how many new subscribers, etc. You might be rather surprised to see something like this on most blogs, but I have seen this done on a couple of other blogs (specifically and and am of the opinion dear readers that it is helpful not only for you, but for myself as well.

That is because it will eventually help give you my audience confidence that you too can start your blog to share your stories, and be successful at it, or even any other format that you choose to share your stories through. And it will also help hold me accountable as I will have a written record of how this business is going, and what has been working and what hasn’t. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the numbers for my eleventh full month, June 2018. 


Income: $.95

Well, with the recent addition of Google AdSense to my site, my add income has surpased my affiliate sales income, at least for this month. I made $0.95 this past month from google, and $0.00 from Amazon sales. I am also happy to announce that I have started a new affiliate partnership with Humble Bundle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Humble Bundle, this is a site that sells of bundles of gamessoftware, and e-books at greatly reduced prices. And one of my favorite things about particular store is that they donate a portion of every sale to charity, and they let the customer decide what percentages of the sale go to charity, the affiliate partner, the Humble store, and the original author/developer/producer of the product.

This affiliate partnership has the potential to have the highest pay out percentage wise of all my affiliates so far so I am excited to see how things go with them. I still haven’t bothered making any fancy pie charts or anything to show you the breakout of where exactly all of my income came from, and unless I hear that you really want to see a giant single-color circle for my whole 95 cents on next month’s report I probably won’t have one then either.

But here is the total income from last month: $.95! I know I obviously still have a long ways to go before I can reach my goal of living off of this blog but at least it is a start! I did just recently add google adsense to my blog, so hopefully I will start getting some more clicks on those in the next month and get a boost to my income through that.


Expenses: $0.00!

I have not spent any money on advertising as of yet, although it has been tempting to try and increase growth that way. But for now my only expense has been the cost of hosting the website, I have done all of my own work on it, and have only been using the free versions of any plugins that I require. Since I am hosting my site through 1 & 1 Web hosting, I was able to get the entire first year of hosting for the low price of $11.88. Since I paid all of the first year up front, I have zero upkeep right now. 


Traffic and Subscribers:  6928 total site visits, 15 subscribers 

So far my email list has not seen any substantial growth, and is one of the areas that I am going to need to try and continue focusing on in the coming months, as your list of subscribers is one of the best ways to measure the profitability of your blog (or at least so I have heard). With that being said though, I have managed to convince 20 of you to sign up anyway and even more impressive, 15 of you to stay signed up.

My total conversion rate right now has dropped down to about .22%, which while not ideal, is about one tenth of the average of 2-4% conversion rate for most sites. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the total number of visits to the site(which I will admit I am probably responsible for a large number of those hits with all of the work that I do on the site, but still surprised that I got almost 7000 views in the eleventh month!). 


Other news: 

Our Facebook page and Pinterest accounts still remain popular. Currently it seems that our Facebook page is even more popular than the site itself with 48 followers compared to the 15 subscribers to the site. My most popular post on Facebook  from this past month has been my article on Government and Corrections in your society with 107 views, 5 likes, 2 shares, and 6 people following the post back to the blog.  

On Pinterest meanwhile, our growth has been slower, still at an overwhelming whole 2 followers! My most popular post there this past month has surprisingly been one of my story journals, Day 5 of Ark Survival! This month however it was on top with 632 impressions, 2 saves and 1 click through to my blog! 


Looking ahead(and back): 

So, I know this has been a really slow month content wise, but both traffic and affiliate sales (and ad income!) are on the upswing anyway. Hopefully I will be able to maintain this recent momentum and be able to use it to propel myself further along than I have been able to do so far. I did add some Google Adsense ads to my blog in the past couple of months, so I am hopeful that over the coming months they will continue to prove to be profitable. That being said, if you see any ads which you find offensive or that you know I wouldn’t personally endorse, then please notify me and let me know as soon as possible so that I can get them removed.

Looking forward to this coming month I am anticipating sticking to the one blog article per week for now. Hopefully now that our little one is a couple of weeks old she will start sleeping a little bit more at night so that  I can do like wise and start reducing this massive sleep deficit that I have been running for the past month or so now.

Also planning to get back on track with a weekly article now that life is starting to settle back into a new routine. I am also hoping to focus more on finishing up my world building series and then putting together a list of world building resources. Also, hoping that I will be able to translate that into some helpful contacts for the future so that I can start outreaching more like minded people and working together to create even more great content for you all.

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