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Here are a number of products that I have found useful, and as a full disclosure some of the below links may be affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission on any purchases you make through them, at no extra cost to you. Please bear this in mind when considering how much weight to give to my recommendation 🙂 If you wish to help support my blog financially, the best way to do so is bookmark this link and use it for all of your Amazon shopping. Any support is greatly appreciated though, whether that is financially or even moral support by leaving a comment and letting me know what you think of an article! Thank you!


Blog related:

Hosting affiliates:

1&1 Web hosting:

This is the company that I have used to host my blog, and have had absolutely no complaints about in any way shape or form. They are also one of the least expensive options that I have found to get started with, only charging $0.99 a month for the first year!

Plugin affiliates:

Here are a couple of the plugins that I use(mostly free):

Mail Chimp:

This is the plugin that I use to manage all of my emails for this site, and it has been a great resource, easy and intuitive to use!

Yoast SEO:

I use this plugin to help make sure that my posts are both user and google friendly.


This is the security plugin that I use to help ensure that this site stays up and is impervious as I can make it against hackers.

My inspirational blogs(or those that I read on a nearly daily basis):

Art of Manliness:

This is one of the first blogs that I started regularly following and I have now been following it for several years. There is a ton of quality content on here for anyone!

Making Sense of Cents:

This blog was one of the ones that finally convinced me to give my own blog a try, especially with Michelle’s open and honest habit of sharing her own story of success so far.

Smart Passive Income:

Pat’s blog and podcast’s have been a great source of inspiration for me as I have been in the process of starting my own blog, which will hopefully become my future source of passive income.


Online Shopping affiliates:

Here are a couple of other sites that I love to use for a variety of purposes that I feel I would be remiss to not recommend to you:


This is the site that I have been using for years to buy all of my computer parts and accessories(yes, I have personally built my own PC that I am currently writing this on), and have always been greatly impressed with Newegg’s selections, price and most importantly, customer service!

Barnes & Nobles:

One of my all time favorite bookstores! I can’t begin to tell you how many hours or dollars I have spend in my local B&N. Not only do they have a great selection of books, but they also carry a number of games that you are hard pressed to find in other stores.

Humble Bundle:

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to buy games. Not only do you often get them for a great deal, you are also supporting a number of various charities every time you purchase something through them!


This is a great place to shop for books and games as well as many other day to day necessities 🙂